Greater Orlando, FL
Greater Orlando, FL
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Divine Etiquette: Institute of Excellence offers services that predominantly serve four people groups:

  • Minority secondary-age youth (middle school and high school) & their communities
  • Elementary age youth (ages 7-10)
  • College students and
  • Ministries, Businesses & corporations



                                                Our Vision

Our Vision at Divine Etiquette is to develop supreme excellence in all we do.



Minority Youth and Their Communities

Our Mission working with minority youth and their communities is to aid them in developing respect for self, others and their communities by learning to be responsible, legacy-minded, entrepreneurs, business leaders and philanthropists via educational and etiquette courses.


Elementary Youth

Our Mission working with elementary aged youth is to aid them in learning to work collaboratively, realizing the benefits of a network, as well as aiding them in learning to be financially literate, creative entrepreneurs and legacy-minded, philanthropic leaders.


College Students

Our Mission working with college students is similar to that of the secondary aged youth; to equip them with tools necessary to be wise, responsible, debt free, legacy-minded, financially literate, philanthropic leaders.


Ministries, Businesses & Corporations

Our Mission working with ministries, businesses & corporations is to aid them in achieving their goals, immediate and/or overarching, by providing cultural etiquette courses specific to their needs, tailor-designed professional development courses, as well as dining etiquette courses.


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